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"Kevin Toniazzo-Naughton is terrific as Lancelot.  Being the perfect knight is not an easy pinnacle to attain, but he pulls it off.  From the haughty comedy of “C’est Moi”, to the tormented passion of “If Ever I Would Leave You” – the signature song of the legendary Robert Goulet, who originated the role on Broadway - his voice brings the French chevalier to life." on "Camelot"

"...Likewise for Toniazzo-Naughton, who truly makes the show. It is vintage Python humor, and it could easily fall flat with a lesser actor, but Toniazzo-Naughton was up to the task and delivered a wonderful scene that set the table for the rest of the production."

-GUSTO Magazine on "Spamalot"

"Toniazzo-Naughton delivers a stunning performance as the dark, yet sympathetic Sweeney whose driving force is revenge for what he believes is the untimely death of his beloved wife. Sweeney’s torment is palpable, and his pain real. Everything this young actor does rings with truth and believability."

-The Centre County Gazette on "Sweeney Todd"

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